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Exclusive Experience

Our performers are excited to celebrate your child’s royalty through elegant magic, professional singing performances, theatrically skilled impressions that bring characters to life and representation.

Every child deserves a magical experience on their special day and every royal deserves to see a reflection of themselves in the stories that inspire them most with the confidence to continue living their royal purpose.
At Swan Princess Events, we are pleased to present the ultimate dream through high quality experiences and more opportunities for children to be inspired through representation!

Magical Entrance!

Your character will arrive in costume with a dramatic entrance for a magical experience!

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Bubble Machine!

Your child will have the opportunity to dance inside a wonderland of bubbles!

Pink Bubbles
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Dance Party!

Your character will perform a dance-a-long game for your event!

Kids Dancing
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Interactive Story!

Your character may lead children in an interactive story time adventure!

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Hero Training 

Spider-hero can lead children in an super hero training course and will learn signature Spidey poses!

Kids with Capes
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Happy Birthday Wish

Your character will assist in singing happy birthday and help you serve cake!

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Special Ceremony!

Your character will present your child with a special keepsake token through crown coronation or super ceremony!

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Live Performance!

Your character will perform a sing-a-long for your child!

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Magical Adventure!

Your character will lead children on a magical parachute adventure!

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Face Painting/Crafts/ Glitter Tattoos

Your character will provide crafts for boys & girls, face painting and glitter tattoos (nail polish & makeovers for options)

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Princess Lessons

Our Princesses can show you little princess how to waltz, wave and pose like a princess. She will also learn what it means to be royal!

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Photos & Farewell!

Your character will take special photos with your child and present a special promise before departure!

Gift Boxes
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