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Making Dreams Come True

Swan Princess Events is dedicated
to creating the ultimate magical experience for children and their families through character entertainment ranging from story book dreams and regency scenes!

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“I have always been drawn to adventures and fairy tales. To this day, I still find my happy place with them, and it warms my heart more to share my love for these tales with children and other dreamers.              As a child, I never got to see myself in the tales that inspired me most.

My favorite was the Swan Princess and anything that was remotely related to dreamy things or swans! Growing up, I never felt confident enough to embrace my royal identity as a woman of color especially when it wasn’t something that was represented in the media often.

I was excited when I finally started seeing more of myself in these tales, but it still wasn’t enough for me.
I wanted other little girls and boys to be presented with the opportunity to see themselves as royalty too or as a powerful hero. Having that kind of confidence is important as a child and really shapes who we are as we grow older. Swan Princess Events is a kingdom where children and families alike can experience the dream while capturing the royal heart that is nestled within them.

Whether we glide as a princess or hero, we are always called to royalty and that’s a celebration worth living every moment. “

- Megan Soigné

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